My Struggle to Become Human

My Struggle to Become Human

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In this magnificent autobiography, Walter Wink, one of the most influential Christian intellectuals of our time, offers insight and perspective on his life and work—always through the lens of Jesus. From his brilliant and provocative theological writings, to his heartfelt pastoral work, to his passionate advocacy for social justice and nonviolence, Wink shows us that the key to becoming more human is a vivid encounter with Jesus.

“An autobiography of my interest in Jesus,” writes Wink, “perhaps that is too ambitious. What I have done here is far less grand. I have simply written down vignettes, or excerpts of my life’s story that I find interesting. These autobiographical reflections are in no way exceptional. Everyone has a life story. Some are more interesting than others, but they all deserve a hearing. My story may, at the very least, show why I theologically think the way I do.”

My Struggle to Become Human is essential reading for every human. 






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  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781506438177
  • eBook ISBN 9781506438559
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
  • Pages 224
  • Publication Date October 15, 2017