Practicing Our Faith

A Way of Life for a Searching People

Practicing Our Faith

A Way of Life for a Searching People

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Twelve time-honored Christian practices that will help us, and the world, to flourish

Practicing Our Faith offers help to Christians who are asking how our faith can help us discern what we might do and who we might become. How can we live faithfully and with integrity in a world where the pace of existence is so fast and life's patterns are changing all around us? Can we conduct our daily lives in ways that help us not just get by but flourish--as individuals, as communities, and as a society in concert with creation and in communion with God?

These questions are on the hearts and minds of many seekers who are exploring spirituality today. They are also at the heart of Practicing Our Faith.

Practices are those shared activities that address fundamental needs of humankind and creation and that, woven together, form a way of life. The twelve practices explored in this book are practices that human beings simply cannot do without, particularly at this time in history.

This book will stimulate your imagination. It will encourage you to reflect. It initiates a conversation that will spread into many contexts, each of which presents unique opportunities for noticing, discussing, and living the practices of faith.

Table of Contents

1. Times of Yearning, Practices of Faith
2. Honoring the Body
3. Hospitality
4. Household Economics
5. Saying Yes and Saying No
6. Keeping Sabbath
7. Testimony
8. Discernment
9. Shaping Communities
10. Forgiveness
11. Healing
12. Dying Well
13. Singing Our Lives
14. Practicing a Way of Life
15. A Way of Thinking About a Way of Life
The Contributors
Suggestions of Conversation and Reflections
Index of Scripture References

Product Info

  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Paperback ISBN 9781506454733
  • eBook ISBN 9781506454740
  • Publication Date January 1, 2019