Discovering the Spiritual Wisdom of Trees

Discovering the Spiritual Wisdom of Trees

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Available April 22, 2025

There is great wisdom to learn from trees, and when we connect intimately with them, we can deepen our spiritual lives and grow in the understanding that all beings are part of the fabric of the holy.

There's something about a majestic redwood, the sweet pink blossoms of a cherry tree in spring, or even a scrawny little pine that moves us in ways we don't fully comprehend. Trees have much to offer as soul friends, and their millennia of growth and loss provide deep wisdom, if we know how to pay attention. The Spiritual Wisdom of Trees encourages us to revel in the beauty and wonder of trees as they increase our capacity to bear witness to loss and grief. Integrating science and spirituality, coauthors Beth Norcross and Leah Rampy explore the knowledge held within the living world of trees and planted within each of us.

Drawing on extensive experience in both forest ecology and spirituality, Norcross and Rampy invite us into a deep mutual relationship with trees, whose wisdom provides comfort, resilience, guidance, and hope during these challenging times. Living amid the uncertainty of climate chaos and biodiversity loss, we experience loneliness, anxiety, grief, and fear. Such times call us to a fuller spiritual presence, richer connections to the world around us, and a deeper knowing that all are held within a sacred web of life.

Pulling from the Center for Spirituality in Nature organization's coursework, Norcross and Rampy offer us guidance and practices based on their experiences leading walks, retreats, and pilgrimages for over two decades. Having witnessed the profound healing and restorative power of trees, they offer us the wisdom of trees as wordless ministers to weary souls. When we learn the ecology of the forest and how to be present in nature, our eyes are opened to the awe and wonder of our world, deepening our sense of sacred oneness.

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  • Publisher Broadleaf Books
  • Format Hardcover
  • ISBN 9798889832133
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  • Dimensions 5.75 x 8.75
  • Pages 208
  • Publication Date April 22, 2025