Bring Back Your People

Ten Ways Regular Folks Can Put a Dent in White Christian Nationalism

Bring Back Your People

Ten Ways Regular Folks Can Put a Dent in White Christian Nationalism

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Available January 7, 2025

For White folks alarmed by the rise of Christian nationalism comes this mouthy, practical guide to resisting, organizing, and holding conversations with your cousin Randy or anyone else who has been misled by White Christian nationalist ideas.

The rise of White Christian nationalism seems impossible to stop. We need a road map to countering recruitment. And we needed it yesterday.

Aaron Scott, a second-generation preacher, third-generation organizer, and leader with the Poor People's Campaign, has watched loved ones and peers get recruited into White Christian nationalism. Here, he shares strategies of relationship and conversation for those of us who don't know what to do. And he dishes out harsh words. Sure, you can invite your cousin Randy to the wine-and-cheese reception with your candidate. But Randy's pulling the night shift, and the Proud Boys are more than willing to give him a ride to their barbecue if he can't afford the price of gas. Somebody once hooked Randy with a story about the world, Scott reminds us. That story was false, but it gave Randy meaning and connection. We've got to give him something better to bring him back.

Salty, smart, and searing, Bring Back Your People offers ten ways regular-ass folks can draw others toward a better vision of faith, politics, and our common life. It answers questions like: Who are White Christian nationalists targeting? (Hint: most White folks . . . and beyond.) How do I talk to my hairdresser about it? (Carefully.) Why is it gaining steam so fast? (It's not; you're just catching up.) Along the way Scott introduces a counter-history of White people organizing for real justice, and even what that ornery abolitionist John Brown can offer us today. If you're frightened by the way White Christian nationalism mesmerizes so many--grab this lifeline and hang on tight.


"Aaron Scott offers an empathic guide for communicating with the 'Cousin Randys' in our midst: downwardly mobile, largely White friends and family members who, having fallen for the identity politics and false promises of the Christian nationalist movement, are among its many victims. Bring Back Your People is sure to spark some of the courageous conversations we need right now."

Katherine Stewart, author of The Power Worshippers

"This book manages to be both incredibly funny and, at the same time, concretely useful and urgently relevant. Mandatory reading for anyone needing an anchor, a lifeboat, and a laugh in this stormy political moment."

Rahna Epting, executive director of MoveOn

"If you believe we must build a multiracial, intergenerational, inclusive, and peace-loving democracy dedicated to all humans flourishing and a sustainable planet, Bring Back Your People is an absolute, total must-read. With anecdotes and lessons equal parts hilarious, soul-crushing, and deeply hopeful, Scott offers analysis, examples, and how-tos to counter-recruit and overcome White Christian nationalism. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and be inspired to organize, organize, organize."

Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, author, theologian, pastor, and anti-poverty activist

"An important book for anyone interested in addressing the surge in White Christian nationalism in the US, especially among poor White communities. In this fast-paced, humorous--and deadly serious--book, Aaron Scott tells the story of Randy, any of the millions of regular-ass people who wave the flag of God and country. He challenges the White liberal tendency to write off people often called rednecks, and suggests instead that progressives develop a strategy for counter-recruitment, rooted in an understanding of the material conditions of the poor. Scott calls us to examine history and to build genuine relationships with poor communities and address the widespread incarceration, homelessness, and poverty they face. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in counter-recruiting from the White Christian nationalism that shapes this country's history and present."

Cedar Monroe, author of Trash: A Poor White Journey 

"As the pastor of a Black congregation recently targeted by the violence of White Christian nationalists, I believe Bring Back Your People couldn't be more timely. At the same time, this book shares spiritual, survival, and organizing insights for the long haul--and that's critical. Because as we know, America didn't get here overnight, and America won't get out of this overnight." 

Rev. William H. Lamar IV, Metropolitan AME Church 

"As a progressive Jewish leader who has been impacted by White Christian nationalism and has been organizing against it for over half my life, I want to express appreciation to Aaron Scott for recognizing the need to organize his community and providing a road map for others to join him. Bring Back Your People is an exceptionally entertaining book about a deadly serious topic. It manages to achieve this unlikely balance because of Scott's irreverent authenticity, his sharp analysis, his masterful sense of humor, and his unwavering love for poor and working-class White people. Whether you have a cousin Randy or not, this book provides excellent guidance and concrete tactics to bring the fight against White Christian nationalism." 

Stosh Cotler, former CEO of Bend the Arc Jewish Action and anti-authoritarian organizer

"You'd think that fighting rising fascism in America wouldn't be funny, but I laughed (and cried) out loud as I read this book. Bring Back Your People doesn't give us any shortcuts, nor does it sugarcoat the work ahead of us. It does deliver a legitimate road map--for seasoned organizers as well as for everyday people just looking to do the right thing in this challenging moment. Don't miss this."  

Erin Heaney, executive director of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) 

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