My Divine Natural Hair

Inspiration & Tips to Love & Care for Your Crown

My Divine Natural Hair

Inspiration & Tips to Love & Care for Your Crown

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Learn how to love and care for your natural hair spiritually and practically.

Uplifting and authentic, My Divine Natural Hair: Inspiration and Tips to Love and Care for Your Crown helps Black women embrace the God-created beauty of natural hair through inspirational readings and salon chair guidance on how to heal, consistently care for, and grow their coils. As a response to the history of discrimination against Black hair and the societal pressure Black women continue to face to alter their hair texture, My Divine Natural Hair brings together raw personal reflections and hands-on hairapy to both encourage and equip readers to care for their hair as the crown God has placed on their head. Inside this book, which was inspired by one of the coauthor's experiences with central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia, or CCCA, you will find:

-Why your beliefs about natural hair are directly impacted by your spiritual life

-How to maintain a healthy scalp, healthy hair care routine, and healthy hair esteem

-How to heal from past hair care trauma, hair loss, and texturism

-"Salon Chair Sessions" with tips on developing healthy hair habits, DIY hair care recipes, and practical resources

The authors address deeply personal topics like hair loss, comparison, and self-doubt, while also offering everyday tips for hair growth, styles, and maintenance, as well as scriptural and literary affirmations and a glossary of terms.

My Divine Natural Hair will enhance the self-esteem and hair health of Black women and girls.


"I can totally relate to many of the stories shared in My Divine Natural Hair. I am a naturalista (after trying three times to give up the relaxers I used for 25 years) and I am raising a teen daughter, who has not had any chemicals touch her natural hair. I believe it's important for African American women to get in touch with our tresses. Knowing our hair correlates to knowing ourselves and truly loving who God has created us to be!"

Katara Washington Patton, Executive Editor at Our Daily Bread Ministries, author of Inspiration for Christian Teen Girls and Navigating the Blues

"Overall, My Divine Natural Hair is an empowering and informative read that goes beyond hair care tips. It delves into the emotional and cultural significance of natural Afro hair, providing valuable insights that inspire women to embrace their true selves, celebrate their unique beauty, and cultivate a loving relationship with their hair and identity. I highly recommend this book to women of all ages and backgrounds, as it offers a wealth of knowledge and encouragement for those on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. I am excited about my natural hair journey in a fresh new way!"

Kamia White, Educator-Podcaster, Beauty in Bloom, LLC

"This is the unique story of a unique family, about a unique topic: black women's hair. By artfully telling their black hair story, the trio of Burlock women have done a great service because their story is steeped in African American culture and is the personal story of most African American females."

Dr. Willie O. Peterson, adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary; former trustee, Denver Seminary Board; Assistant to the Superintendent, Midsouth Conference Evangelical Covenant Church

"This book is an adventure into 'us' that many African American women have been through and continue to grow through. Thank you for taking us step-by-step with such a real voice through where we are, have been and continue to go. Thank you for opening our eyes in such an astute way to love what God gave us."

Clarissa W. Felder, MS, MSBS, 1st Anti Basileus Phi Delta Kappa, National Sorority Inc., Beta Lambda

"My Divine Natural Hair is a must-read because of the personal and compelling stories of the hair journeys of the threesome; their struggles and victories; and the whys and hows of black hair. Beautifully written with love, candor, compassion and hope, it encourages every black girl or woman to embrace her natural hair as God's testimony that she is 'fearfully and wonderfully made.'"

Prisca Onwuemene, librarian (Retired) Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools in North Carolina

"ASE! ASE! Giving thanks and praise to this soul nourishing book. I thank the authors for this celebration of our natural beauty that the Creator has bestowed upon us--our crowns! I resonated with their stories, as I too felt I had to bow to the pressure to embrace society's standard of beauty. My decision to lock my hair (I've been locked since 2015) was a spiritual and healing journey to reclaim the essence of who I was meant to be as an expression of the Most High. This book will be so beneficial for those wanting to start on their own path to healing and self-acceptance."

Rebecca Wells Lewis, RNCCM (RN Case Manager), Certified Kemetic Yoga Teacher

"I have been so blessed to see "my people" appreciate the way God has created us!!

This is what the authors of My Divine Natural Hair are communicating to us."

Norma Corley, Counselor, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

In the early 1990's there was a resurgence of natural hairstyles on the campuses of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and in African-American culture. Like they did for previous generations, these natural hairstyles connected us to our heritage: Africa.

At the same time black people were tired of chemicals, haircuts, and grooming standards set by others. Natural hair is simply just us. We are and have always been beautiful and handsome, naturally. We need more books about natural hair. Thank you Burlock family for empowering women, men, boys and girls and inspiring them to wear their hair naturally. We thank the Burlocks for this gem that points us to our natural beauty.


-Rev. Carey A. and Mrs. India Grady, Senior Pastor, Reid Chapel AME Church, Columbia, South Carolina

Carey & India Grady

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