In Spite of the Consequences

Prison Letters on Exoneration, Abolition, and Freedom

In Spite of the Consequences

Prison Letters on Exoneration, Abolition, and Freedom

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"If I do not write, who will? What I am living with here does not allow me to wait until others fully wake up to the serious harm prisons cause."

Falsely convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, Lacino Hamilton sent thousands of letters during his incarceration. After twenty-six years, including eleven years in solitary confinement, and a years-long campaign of public and political pressure, Hamilton was exonerated and released on September 30, 2020. The letters he wrote during his incarceration, advocating for his innocence--literally writing for his life--made him a leading voice on issues of abolition, imprisonment, and justice. Despite fierce resistance and retaliation from prison officials, he maintained correspondence with family and friends, as well as university professors and activists.

Tireless, empathetic, and unflinching, Hamilton's voice throughout these letters shines with immediacy. We must engage all people in recognizing the terrible costs of maintaining the US system of justice, he writes. In his passionate critiques of the prison-industrial complex, his emotional appeals to friends and family, and his fierce and unflagging defense of his own innocence, Hamilton exposes the oppressive, humiliating, and destructive reality of our justice system. From divestment in cities and policing policies to the everyday violence of imprisonment and its attempts to obliterate personhood in favor of obedience, these letters offer an incisive critique of our criminal justice system. We also feel Hamilton's deep generosity of spirit as he counsels others affected by this terrible system and lauds the work of those working on the outside for reform. With his voice, we sense something unexpected and profound: hope for a reimagining of our systems--a humanity-affirming model of justice.

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"In a powerful set of letters from his more than two decades of wrongful incarceration, Lacino Hamilton demonstrates why our prison system must be abolished and why we must listen to the voices of freedom fighters like Hamilton who have spent years inside the beastly system. A must-read for anyone who wants to fully understand how mass incarceration works and why prison can never define anyone like Hamilton."

James Kilgore, author of Understanding Mass Incarceration, and National Book Award winner

"Lacino Hamilton's story is one of abolition learned not in the halls of academia, but in a cold prison cell. He is one of a growing cadre of people incarcerated and formerly incarcerated who assert their centrality in the struggle for the end of prisons. This is a collection of letters from prison in the spirit of George Jackson's Soledad Brother--letters that can be both intimate and analytical. They search for an understanding of the problem that is not only one of individuals, but of a corrupt system bent on prosecutions, not justice."

Brian Dolinar, journalist and author of The Black Cultural Front: Black Writers and Artists of the Depression Generation


"In Spite of the Consequences is Lacino Hamilton's blistering indictment of the outsized American prison system. . . . Persuasive and passionate, [the book] envisions no less than a wholesale abolition of prisons in favor of adopting community-based governance and restorative-justice principles." 

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