Following Jesus into a New Kind of Family


Following Jesus into a New Kind of Family

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Following the way of Jesus should lead us into authentic and life-giving relationships.

The Jesus Way calls us into community with others to form a new kind of family--a forged family. In an era when our relationships with our families of origin are more complicated than ever, pastor T. C. Moore shows us how following the way of Jesus can lead us to forged families that are authentic and life-giving.

Our forged families are the ones who love us for who we are and show up for us when we're in desperate need. Our forged families are the ones with whom we've worked through conflict. Our forged families make us who we are, strengthen our faith, and sustain us through life's many challenges.

Forged weaves together stories from the author's over twenty years of experience with urban, multiethnic ministry all over the US, principles from Scripture, and his own experience as an ex-gang member turned church planter and pastor to propose a way of approaching faith in community that rejects hierarchical, bureaucratic structures in favor of formative, inclusive friendships that last.

Download the Forged discussion guide—perfect for small groups, book clubs, and individual reflection. 


"In Forged we do not read an idealistic, cookie-cutter model of the church; instead, we see real people forging real relationships with real struggles, finding that a forged, kinship family is the context for human realities."

Scot McKnight, Julius R. Mantey Chair of New Testament, Northern Seminary, author of The Jesus Creed and A Church Called Tov

"T. C. Moore engages in the prophetic practice of truth-telling, expressing theological truth to a broken ecclesial reality. The church needs to heed Moore's call for a more theological vision of family and the family of God."

Soong-Chan Rah, Robert Munger Professor of Evangelism, Fuller Theological Seminary; author of The Next Evangelicalism and Prophetic Lament

"Forged shows us how to cross the lines that divide us and live counter-culturally as a unified family. This book is a captivating story that begs us to join in."

Stephanie Williams O'Brien, author of Stay Curious and Make a Move

"The view of family that many entertain does not fit the belonging central to the family of faith. T. C. Moore points out potential idolatries associated with the nuclear family and proposes an alternative vision of family forged in response to God's love. Using personal stories and cultural connections, Moore calls for the families of love we desperately need and desperately need to become."

Thomas Jay Oord, director of Northwind Theological Seminary's doctoral program in Open and Relational Theology and the Center for Open and Relational Theology, author of Open and Relational Theology and other books

"Forged is more than a collection of stories and lessons about life; it is a prophetic call for followers of Jesus to live genuinely as siblings in the faith. Forged is also an invitation to all who have been beaten down, who wonder if they truly belong anywhere, or who feel as if no one cares about them, to know that there is such a thing as loving community."

Dennis R. Edwards, dean of North Park Theological Seminary and author of Humility Illuminated

"Moore weaves together themes of grace and covenant, revealing a deeper understanding of God's love and our purpose. Forged reminds us that grace is not mere charity; it forges a covenant family, empowering us to embrace our true potential."

Glen A. Guyton, executive director, Mennonite Church USA

"Honest, authentic, and compassionate, T. C. Moore gives voice to the deep rifts that preclude people from belonging in the American church today. Moore draws from the wisdom of his own forged-family story to encourage hospitality and extend hope to readers. His storytelling paints a picture to help all understand the radical, countercultural welcome of Jesus."

Jenai Auman, writer, artist, and author of Othered

"Moore's passionate criticism of popular American religiosity and other abusive structures of American society is timely, but the true heart of the book is how God's grace forges misfits, outcasts, and disenfranchised into a family that is stronger than biology."

Craig D. Atwood, professor of Moravian theology, Moravian University School of Theology

"Rev. T. C. Moore's ability to reflect on the gospel as it relates to life is impressive and inspiring! His storytelling, biblical acumen, and love for people shine throughout the book. His is a perspective rooted in experience, and his own story, as it informs his ideas, is compelling. As a theologian and social ethicist, I highly recommend this book for pastors, seminary students, and lay people."

Michelle Clifton, PhD, director of prison education, Lewis University

"In Forged, Moore exposes our society's utopian notions of community and the brittle limitations of the nuclear family as gospel. Through riveting stories grounded in scriptures, a robust theology, and cultural humility, Moore beautifully depicts what Jesus intended all along: for the web of true kinship to tether us by the Spirit's generous invitation for all."

Rev. José Humphreys III, author of Seeing Jesus in East Harlem and Ecosystems of Jubilee


Inspired and inspiring, Forged is a fascinating, informative, and potentially life changing, life enhancing read from start to finish...especially and unreservedly recommended for church, community, seminary, and college/university library Christian Studies/Social Issues, and Christian Spiritual Growth collections.

– Midwest Book Review

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