I Love My People

I Love My People

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Say it with her now: "I love my people!"

In rhythmic prowess, Kim Singleton recounts the beauty and legacy of Black people who are "too many to name, from the corners of obscurity, to the highest of fame."

I Love My People is a poetic tribute to African American history-makers and culture-shakers, complete with nostalgic photography and vibrant, playful illustration. In the vein of Gill Scott-Heron's poetry of the 1970s, author Kim Singleton invites us into call-and-response and brings a refreshing cadence to the page that captures every decade of Black joy in all its resilient, diverse, and excellent splendor.

"We were told that our bodies weren't built for this art. Rhythmic movement we mastered flowing straight from the heart."

Singleton shines a light on virtually every facet of Black community life, and unapologetically declares her people good—from the street corner to the White House and everything in between.

"In 1827, Freedom's Journal was born. Black content, Black operated, Black staff, Black owned."

By the end, you'll be chanting Singleton's anthem, too: "I LOVE MY PEOPLE!"


Kim Singleton has penned a lyrical love letter to our ancestors, pioneers, and contemporaries. Encounters with Black excellence compel us to dig deeper and join in knowing, celebrating, and loving our people!

Ambassador Alice M. Dear (RET),U.S. Executive Director, African Development Bank (1994-2000)

A masterpiece that feels like a lingering hug to Black culture in the form of a poem. Everytime you come to the 'chorus,' you feel like you're joining the congregation, saying in unison, 'I love my people,' with pride and gratitude. It gets louder and louder the more you read--until it soars to the heavens.

Kevin Harry, Publisher and Photographer, KHZines

I love I Love My People: this poem is a reminder of our varied stories, our flavor, and our joy. Singleton invites us to celebrate the Black journey and experience with light and adoration.

Kandace L. Harris, Ph.D. Media Scholar & Higher Ed Administrator; International president of the Howard University Alumni Association

Kim Singleton has successfully affirmed the love affair we all have for our people. I join her in the mantra, 'I love my people!'

Tony Wilkes, Founder, Phoenix Ensemble, Inc.

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  • Publisher Broadleaf Books
  • Format Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781506486710
  • eBook ISBN 9781506486727
  • Dimensions 5.25 x 7.25
  • Pages 96
  • Publication Date July 11, 2023