Your Body Is a Revolution

Healing Our Relationships with Our Bodies, Each Other, and the Earth

Your Body Is a Revolution

Healing Our Relationships with Our Bodies, Each Other, and the Earth

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Too many of us are living disconnected from our bodies, chasing a constantly moving target of "ideal," and accepting the societal narrative about which bodies are deserving of safety and protection. In an effort to keep ourselves safe, we shame, push aside, and assimilate parts of ourselves that don't align with the cultural norm. In turn, we are disconnected from our bodies and therefore from our humanity, losing sight of the true nature of who we are and who we were born to be.

Your Body Is a Revolution is an invitation to reclaim what has been stolen from us, to embrace the wisdom our bodies long to share, and to fully inhabit our lives--perhaps for the first time. Embodiment coach Tara Teng helps us untangle ourselves from centuries of body-based oppression built into our societal systems or masquerading as religion and teaches us to slow down and listen to the wisdom that comes through somatic practices. When we embrace right relationship with our bodies, we also come into right relationship with all things: ourselves, each other, the earth, and our spirituality.

Book your ticket home: home to your body. Take back what society says is too much, too loud, too feminine, too masculine, too gay, too worldly, too unique to fit into the restrictive mold built by patriarchy, colonization, and white supremacy. Come back home to the place you were always searching for. Here, your whole self is welcome.


"Although it would have been an easier path to instruct us how to be in our bodies in one particular way, Teng does the braver and more skillful thing of calling us to be in relationship with our own bodies, to let our own sensuality light the way to a more liberated future of connection."

Dr. Hillary L. McBride, therapist, author, speaker, podcaster

"This is a book that I highly recommend to anybody searching to decolonize their life through embodiment. It is a must-read to gain the insight and inspiration that's needed in today's world. Having hard conversations is something we need to move forward in a good way as a collective of human beings on Mother Earth."

Dakota Bear, Indigenous rights activist, and cofounder of Decolonial Clothing

"As someone who has religious trauma, nothing has been more transformative for my recovery than learning the language of my body. Our bodies are speaking to us all the time, but too often we dismiss them to our own detriment. In this book, Teng shows us the way to pay attention to our bodies, to trust in them, to fall into our bodies and in love with them. It will change everything."

Cindy Wang Brandt, author of Parenting Forward and You Are Revolutionary

"As a queer, Black femme, I am struck and impressed by Teng's intentionality in making the reader aware of her own intersections and the ways they inform her work and service to the world. She rejects assumptions and broad statements that often dismiss the experiences of marginalized bodies. This book truly welcomes all bodies to the table to heal and live fully in our truest, most authentic forms."

Coach Yeamah, creator of Confidently Queer

"With authenticity, passion, and conviction, Teng has written a book that both challenges the reader and points them back to their most valuable resource: their body. Teng's work reveals the disservice that has occurred for generations through systems of oppression that have required humankind to live from a space of disconnect from themselves, the collective, and the Earth. Simultaneously, Teng offers hope through education, research, and tangible somatic practices to find a way back to ourselves."

Dr. Laura Anderson, Center for Trauma Resolution and Recovery, and the Religious Trauma Institute

"Reading this book feels like being tenderly coached into a deeper awareness of your body and the stories they have to tell. The earth, and every living body within it, has needed this book to exist for a long time. Teng's willingness to birth this deep wisdom into the world is a powerful gift and one that can profoundly change us all--if we let it."

Jamie Lee Finch, embodiment coach and author of You Are Your Own

"Tara Teng is a beautiful voice of both timeless and urgent wisdom. Through her unique life experience, she is able to weave together a number of intersections to help others on the journey of embodiment and self-reclamation come home to their wholeness. Don't just read this book--experience this book as a revolution for yourself and as an embodied prayer for all other bodies."

Morgan Day Cecil, creator of The Feminine Wholeness™ Method

"This is a book that will support anyone's journey into breaking generational cycles of disembodiment and disconnection through collective care and reexamination of dehumanization and body-based oppression. By trusting the wisdom embodied within her, she weaves the political and abstract into discernible ways that shift us toward nonviolence. This book is an amazing companion."

Alma Zaragoza-Petty, author of Chingona: Owning Your Inner Badass for Healing and Justice

"I've seen Tara Teng live out the message of this book over many years to become the fully embodied version of herself. She is an inspiration and a powerful guide and teacher, precisely because she's lived this revolution in her own body. Viva!"

Idelette McVicker, author of Recovering Racists: Dismantling White Supremacy and Reclaiming Our Humanity


"Teng's passion will motivate readers on the path to bodily acceptance."

Publishers Weekly 

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