This Book Won't Make You Happy

Eight Keys to Finding True Contentment

This Book Won't Make You Happy

Eight Keys to Finding True Contentment

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When people find out she is a therapist, Niro Feliciano knows she isn't going anywhere anytime soon. At soccer games, at cocktail parties, in waiting rooms, people corner her and ask: Why am I so stressed? Is the way I feel normal? Why can't I just be happy?

The truth is happiness is fleeting, and we are stressing ourselves out trying to achieve it. In This Book Won't Make You Happy, national media commentator and Psychology Today columnist Feliciano offers a path to something much more achievable and abundantly more satisfying: contentment.

By incorporating eight simple postures rooted in cognitive behavioral science and mindfulness practices into our daily routines, we can move away from anxiety and toward balance and calm. Acceptance, gratitude, connection, a present-focused perspective, intentionality and priority, self-compassion, resilience, and faith: through these practices we will overcome obstacles that hold us back from living full, meaningful, contented lives.

Anxiety, stress, and grief aren't going away anytime soon, and this book won't make you happy. But with wit and empathy, Feliciano leads you right past happy to calm. No matter how "happy" your life is--or isn't--you can reach a deeper, truer, and longer-lasting place of contentment.


"This book grabbed me from the very beginning. It is thought-provoking, insightful, full of practical tidbits, and a fun read."

--Dr. Leah Katz, psychologist and author of Gutsy: Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Bravery

"A refreshingly novel twist on how to find happiness, based not on what happens in your life but how you relate to it. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone trying to find more ease and contentment in their daily life."

--Dr. Kristin Neff, author of Self Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind To Yourself and associate professor at University of Texas at Austin

"While this book might not make us happy, it does give us a path to what we need even more, contentment. Niro Feliciano writes with laugh-out-loud and relatable humor, honesty, intellect, and practical wisdom. She challenges our desire for a 'normal' life, and instead invites us to a life of health and wholeness. This book is a welcoming and timely guide to a life worth living."

--Amy Julia Becker, speaker and award-winning author of many books, including To Be Made Well and A Good and Perfect Gift

"Niro Feliciano's work is relatable and compelling. She's a busy mom going in four separate directions, a wife who loves her husband, a friend who lends a listening ear, and a therapist with a blossoming career who puts patients' needs first. I appreciate her humor and grace, and cherish the space she gives us in this book to share her insights."

--Dr. Katie Takayasu, physician, speaker, and author of Plants First

"Niro Feliciano is a down-to-earth authority on how we can best care for our mental well-being. Genuinely invested in supporting everyone facing unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress, Feliciano has a relatable, soothing, and valuable voice. Anyone seeking more contentment would benefit from her personal wisdom and research-based methods."

--Maressa Brown, journalist, author, and contributor to

"Any conversation with Niro Feliciano is refreshing, challenging, and transformative. Her style of speaking and engagement transfers beautifully to the written word. Not only will you see yourself in her heartwarming and honest stories; you will begin to find a pathway to living with contentment."

--Brenda Thorn, J.D., executive pastor and care director, Hillsong East Coast

"One of the great new voices to emerge in our cultural crisis of anxiety is Niro Feliciano. There is nothing more elusive in our agitated culture than contentment. We all want it. In This Book Won't Make You Happy, Feliciano clears the path and walks you directly to it."

--Rob Strong, pastor and author of The Big Guy Upstairs: You, Him, and How It All Works

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