More of You

The Fat Girl's Field Guide to the Modern World

More of You

The Fat Girl's Field Guide to the Modern World

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Too often, fatness has been viewed as a moral failing. Fat Christian women in particular are shamed and marginalized by the message that they are failing God because they can't change their bodies. More of You will challenge that status quo, teaching readers to resist the shame and guilt that is pressed onto them by the world and instead to embrace their bodies, take up space, and learn to navigate the world in ways that allow them to flourish.

With wit and candor, Amanda Martinez Beck, a fat woman herself, compiles her hard-won wisdom to give the skinny on thriving in a fat body to others who have been pushed to the margins of acceptance. Focusing on three categories--fat at home, fat in public, and fat at the doctor--this book addresses real needs in the fat acceptance community, from how to find self-love in a thin-obsessed world, to navigating a world built for butts smaller than yours, to advocating for equality and justice for fat women's medical care.


"Existing in a world that constantly tells you what you should be, what you should do, and how you should look is hard, frustrating, and terrifying, especially if you exist in a non-normative, fat body. Beck's More of You gives readers the language and tools to reframe our bodies not merely as objects designed to get us from point A to point B, but as sacred creations, designed for existing in relationship and with love and passion for justice for all bodies. Following this field guide helps readers to understand fat within the context of oppression, accessibility, and disability and reframe the discussion in important ways."

Dianna E. Anderson, author of Damaged Goods, Problematic, and In Transit

"In More of You: The Fat Girl's Field Guide to the Modern World, Amanda Martinez Beck sets out to give the reader a knapsack of tools to navigate a world that is often an unsafe and unjust place for fat people. With her characteristic wit and empathy, Martinez Beck gives an excellent overview of the history of fat activism, as well as vital key points, or touchstones, that she has gleaned about her body and her life, including her signature line, 'All bodies are good bodies.' This book is a must-read for anyone with a body."

Jessica Kantrowitz, author of The Long Night, 365 Days of Peace, and Blessings for the Long Night

"Beck's religion informs her writing as she reconciles being a person of size with being one of faith, taking up space in a society that wants fat women to shrink and mingling the body's inherent goodness with pain and discrimination. This book is a fat liberation manifesto that recognizes the gains of the past--and the fights of tomorrow."

Lindley Ashline, body acceptance photographer and activist

"Intricately weaving personal storytelling and pieces of the Christian Scriptures, this book meets us at the intersection of the fat liberation movement and our faith, opening our minds and hearts to this truth: God's love isn't contingent on your weight, body size, or body shape."

Patrilie Hernandez, body liberation advocate and founder of Embody Lib

"Practical and straightforward with beautiful prose and a message of hope and freedom. Beck offers helpful tools for navigating a world designed to exclude fat people. She weaves together the strands of self-advocacy, history of the fat liberation movement, intersectional justice, and compelling memoir to provide a guidebook for all of us who want to live in such a way that we are at home in our body and in this world."

Nicole Morgan, author of Fat and Faithful: Learning to Love Our Bodies, Our Neighbors, and Ourselves

"Beck walks us through ways to relate to, care for, and appreciate our bodies as they are this very day. She includes information about the history of fat activism that will inspire and give hope to everyone."

Lisa Du Breuil, LICSW, fat activist, and clinical social worker


"Beck's life-affirming attitude, no-nonsense style, and mantras of self-love ('I have the right to take up space,' 'My body is a trustworthy storyteller') make this a superlative volume. This is an outstanding addition to fat positivity literature."

Publishers Weekly, starred review

"This book will touch your heart and help you heal your body image problems."

New York Journal of Books

"Martinez Beck suggests adopting the lens of God's abundance and gratuitous giving: 'Think about a steak that has no fat on it. And then think about a steak that's marbled and how beautiful the flavor is of one,' she says. 'Fat brings flavor. Fatness is beautiful. . . .'"

U.S. Catholic

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