The Sacred Pulse

Holy Rhythms for Overwhelmed Souls

The Sacred Pulse

Holy Rhythms for Overwhelmed Souls

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Contemporary life is leaving us frazzled, overwhelmed, and out of sorts.

Our life's rhythm is often borrowed from the pace of life around us. Humans have created such a loud, fast tempo of perfection and production that we often forget--if we ever knew it at all--the rhythms designed for our well-being. In The Sacred Pulse, pastor and author April Fiet invites us to examine the frantic patterns of our lives to reclaim the deeper, sacred pulses that pattern our days. Through stories, scripture, and practical guidance for daily living, she lays out twelve rhythms--including gardening, handcrafts, friendship, and holidays--that are both sustainable and sustaining. Everyday acts like mealtime and shopping, and sporadic rhythms like the occasional snow day: reclaiming these patterns can remind us of the holy movement of God in the world.

In a world of hustle and bravado, silencing the noise takes practice. The Sacred Pulse shows us how to strip away all of the competing beats we have settled for so we can tap into the joyful, holy rhythms of life.


"April Fiet welcomes readers into a space that is both contemplative and practical. The book draws on a wealth of spiritual insight to help readers retreat from the busyness of life and recenter their lives around rhythms that heal, restore, and sustain."

Kristin Kobes DuMez, New York Times bestselling author of Jesus and John Wayne

"I felt seen by this book, in a way that was uncomfortable at first. The unsettling insight into my frenetic performance for God was the opening I needed to hear April Fiet's invitation: to learn to dance with God again, finding rhythms that are, paradoxically, like rest in motion."

James K. A. Smith, author of You Are What You Love and On the Road with Saint Augustine

"April Fiet shows us how to find our way to wholeness through intention, community, creativity, and a life-giving embrace of sacred time. The rhythm of this book can be heard as a joyous dance to which we are all invited."

Sophfronia Scott, author of The Seeker and the Monk: Everyday Conversations with Thomas Merton

"April Fiet is the type of pastor and writer who inspires me to be fully human and to experience the miracle of God's grace in gardening, good friends, and welcome gentleness in our complex lives."

Jes Kast, pastor of Faith United Church of Christ

"Learning a sacred rhythm for your unique life and needs is a crucial spiritual practice--a lifelong habit that nurtures spiritual formation and wholeness. April Fiet's book offers us life."

Lisa Colón DeLay, author of The Wild Land Within and host of Spark My Muse podcast

"April Fiet gives practical, profound, and transformational observations, calling us to join the sacred dance and to listen to the daily holy rhythm of God's heart. If you are weary and worn out, or simply in need of refreshing, read The Sacred Pulse and renew your soul."

Douglas S. Bursch, co-pastor of Evergreen Church and author of Posting Peace

"We have plenty of books on methods, but April Fiet shows how to grow in your awareness of the sacred in the simple, unexpected areas of your life."

Ed Cyzewski, author of Reconnect and Flee, Be Silent, Pray

"Filled with clever observations and thoughtful ideas both large and small, this book is a wonderful companion for those of us who want to reorient ourselves to healthy Kingdom rhythms, but are unsure of where to start."

Chandra Crane, author of Mixed Blessing and National Mixed Ministry Coordinator for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

"In The Sacred Pulse, April Fiet gently invites us to witness how she has exited echo chambers, hit pause on mindless consumption, and questioned her loyalty to the notion of independence, replacing these with simple, life-giving observations and practices that bring wholeness and spark justice."

Jennifer Grant, author of Dimming the Day and other books

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