The New Christians

Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier

The New Christians

Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier

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Following on the questions raised by Brian McLaren in A New Kind of Christian, Tony Jones has written an engaging exploration of what this new kind of Christianity looks like. Writing dispatches about the thinking and practices of adventurous emergent Christians across the country, he offers an in-depth view of this new “third way” of faith—its origins, its theology, its views of truth, Scripture, and interpretation, and its hopeful and life-giving sense of community. With the depth of theological expertise and broad perspective he has gained as a pastor, writer, and leader of the movement, Jones initiates readers into the emergent conversation and offers a new way forward for Christians in a post-Christian world. With journalistic narrative as well as authoritative reflection, he draws upon on-site research to provide fascinating examples and firsthand stories of who is doing what, where, and why it matters.


Instructive, inspiring, enjoyable

No one is better placed than Tony Jones to offer an insider’s view of the emergent conversation in the United States. His clear and engaging writing style, his wide-ranging and incisive mind, and his extensive personal involvement make him the ideal person to tell his story and invite others to be part of it. The New Christians is instructive, inspiring, enjoyable, and a milestone in the development of this important young phenomenon.

Brian McLaren | author and speaker

Tony Jones stands at the crossroads of theology, philosophy, and culture

The New Christians shows how the influence of Jesus of Nazareth is moving among a new generation hungry for something real and desperate to move beyond simplistic polarities inherited from the past. Tony Jones stands at the crossroads of theology, philosophy, and culture, tackling the issues facing this ‘emergent’ generation with the depth, humility, and grace only a sojourner intimately familiar with the journey could provide.

Jim Wallis | author of God's Politics; president of Sojourners/Call to Renewal

Every thinking Christian should read this book

In the tradition of all great apologists, Jones has written both a reasoned explication and a deeply personal explanation of emergent Christianity. Every thinking Christian should read this book either for the explication or the explanation. Wise ones will read it for both

Phyllis Tickle | compiler of The Divine Hours, author of The Words of Jesus

This is the book to read

This is the book to read to get the actual insider’s view of all things emergent

Dan Kimball | author of They Like Jesus But Not the Church

The single best introduction

Tony Jones provides the single best introduction to the emergent church movement.

Publishers Weekly

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