Thinking About Death and Immortality

Thinking About Death and Immortality

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For many people, belief in the afterlife has evaporated. Scientific discoveries about the history of our species, our growing understanding of the vastness of the universe, new findings in brain research: these things and many others conspire to make belief in immortality difficult.

In this thoughtful companion to scientific realities of our time, Paul Badham explores the grounds on which the hope of immortality, central for Christian doctrine, can be revitalized today. He suggests that the possibility of a relationship between God and human beings is confirmed by our religious experience, and that resurrection and immortality need each other.

Written in a balanced, evenhanded tone, it’s a helpful, considered, and ultimately hopeful discussion for people with questions. Even those who don’t ultimately agree with the author’s conclusions will benefit from the engagement. Includes chapters on the evidential value of near-death experiences, concepts of heaven, and arguments against belief in hell.

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  • Publisher Fortress Press
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  • Publication Date December 1, 2015