Luther's Prayers

Luther's Prayers

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"Prayer is a very precious medicine, one that helps and never fails" —Martin Luther

There is no monotony in the prayer salutations of Luther. He is as one in continual conversation with God.

It is clear that Luther’s faith and confession became devotion and prayer, and his interpretation was rooted and strengthened and nourished in this. Luther’s powerful prayers are on topics spanning all of life: the soldier, employer, politician, pastor, sick person, parent, newlywed, teacher.

Five hundred years later, these prayers still ring true today, calling us into an ever-closer relationship with God.


"Dear Father in heaven, for the sake of your dear Son Jesus Christ grant us your Holy Spirit, that we may be true learners of Christ, and therefore acquire a heart with a never ceasing fountain of love. Amen."
from a prayer for increasing love

"Almighty God, through the death of your Son you have destroyed sin and death. Through his resurrection you have restored innocence and eternal life. We who are delivered from the power of the devil may live in your kingdom. Give us grace that we may believe this with our whole heart. Enable us, always, to steadfastly praise and thank you in this faith, through your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen."
from a prayer for the right faith and its strengthening power

Table of Contents


The Lord's Prayer

A Simple Way to Pray

Prayers for Enlightenment from God's Word

Prayers for a Christian Life

Prayers When Death Draws near


A. The Catechism
B. Home and Family
C. Word and Sacraments
D. Church

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