Dianna E. Anderson

Dianna E. Anderson is a non-binary writer with a master's degree in English from Baylor University and a master of studies in women's studies from the University of Oxford in the UK. They are the author of In Transit: Being Non-Binary in a World of Dichotomies, Problematic: How Toxic Call-Out Culture Is Destroying Feminism, and Damaged Goods: New Perspectives on Christian Purity. Their work focuses on the intersections of gender, history, religion, and theory, and they have been published in Rolling Stone, Cosmo, Bitch Magazine, Dame, and many others. They live in Minneapolis with their two cats, Minerva and Tonks.

Website: diannaeanderson.net

Twitter: @diannaeanderson 

Instagram: @diannaea 

Facebook: /DiannaEAnderson  

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